Download eCall 3GPP InBand PSAP IVS Server 2.01 for linux 7

eCall 3GPP InBand PSAP IVS Server 2.01

eCall PSAP and 3GPP Inband Modem Server MSD/FDS (Transmitted from the IVS modem

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eCall 3GPP InBand PSAP IVS Server 2.01

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Publisher's description
The software runs on Linux core. server supports both voip and ISDN trunks. Highly Efficient and Reliable ecall inband router / 3gpp IVS psap inband Modem Server for Small/Medium/Large scale organizations and telematics call centers. This software can decode emergency information transmitted from the automobiles and mobile devices and then post that information to customers enterprise application (Web post/ftp/tcp-socket). A typical example of the product is when the emergency call is placed from a car, the information about the callers location, vehicle id, type of crash etc are being transmitted to the call center via DTMF or using Inband Modem. A reliable transmission is very important for this kind of applications. 3GPP inband server allow you to transmit these information (MSD) over the mobile GSM/3g/3g call from the car to the call center. Our server receives the call decodes the information and then transfer the call to the PBX or an agent. 3GPP eCall InBand Server (PSAP IVS) Version 2.01.The customer must have their VOIP or T1/E1 connectivity to this server.
-- Linux Based Core / eCall Emergency / Road Side Assistance Data Receiver server
-- Incoming Calls can be SIP or T1/E1
-- Supports devices with GSM (including GPRS and EDGE), W-CDMA and LTE (including LTE-Advanced)
-- Easy to maintain / Web interface
-- Handles upto 600 calls simutaniously
-- Easy to integrate to your existing platform
-- Multiple Data Intergration Methods!
-- Allow direct database inserver
-- ODBC Database Insert
-- Web posting & TCP / IP socket interface
-- Transmit Data in the SIP header
-- Logs, Failure Notification, Monitoring
-- Supports PUSH, PULL and DTMF mode.
Note: Additional Charges applies for T1/E1 interface.
Gradient Technologies LLC
2475 Northwinds Pkwy, Suite 200,
Alpharetta, GA 30009
United States
1-866-993-1715 eCall 3GPP InBand PSAP IVS Server free download for Windows 7/8 on our website.

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